Where to get AutoCAD Training

Acad Training

Where to get AutoCAD Training?

Where do you go to get AutoCAD training? There are so many resources available online, printed, and training centers. Which do you choose from?

Online resources like YouTube are an excellent source of AutoCAD training materials. However, navigating through all the videos is overwhelming. If you are a beginner or have forgotten the usage of some AutoCAD commands, or need a quick refresher, you can visit Acad Systems YouTube Channel. Select the Learn Basic AutoCAD in Minutes | Includes Exercise playlist.

If you have time and some budget, you can chose to attend structured training either online or in a physical classroom.

Are all AutoCAD training centers the same?

You are advised to attend AutoCAD training from an Autodesk Authorized Training and Certification Center. These centers have instructors that are properly certified, monitored, and reviewed for performance by Autodesk. These centers use the ORIGINAL software to comply with Malaysian and international law.

When you have completed your training at ACAD Autodesk Authorized Training and Certification Center, you will receive an official Certificate of Attendance from Autodesk. You can choose to get certified by attending our professional certification test. This certificate makes you stand out from others in your resume or for job advancement.