What is AutoCAD

AutoCAD Specialized Toolset

What is AutoCAD?

What is AutoCAD? AutoCAD is a Computer Aided Design software that replaces the traditional drafting table. When you draw on paper, you are representing your design idea in a two dimensional format. You may learn about the history of AutoCAD by clicking on here.

How many flavors of AutoCAD are there?

Firstly, you have to decide if you need to create your drawings or design in two dimension or in three dimension. If say you create simple floor plans, machine parts, flow charts in 2D then all you need is AutoCAD LT.

Do I need 3D?

If you are drawing charts or flat objects, then 2D is fine. If you need to produce orthographic drawing or to show different views of your design (front, side, top), then it is recommended that you use 3D AutoCAD. 3D AutoCAD is called AutoCAD including Specialized Toolsets.

AutoCAD including Specialized Toolset consist of seven toolsets from different industry. They are :

  • Architectural toolsets
  • Mechanical toolsets
  • Map 3D toolsets
  • MEP toolsets
  • Electrical toolsets
  • Plant 3D toolsets
  • Raster Design toolsets
  • Mobile and web app

What is AutoCAD with specialized toolsets?

All the toolsets mentioned above used to be individual customized AutoCAD for that particular industry. It contained thousands of symbols, design calculation, intelligent objects, database, BOM, etc. – things that you need to design and draft just for your industry. Each of these flavor of AutoCAD was the price of a full AutoCAD or more. To provide better value to end users, Autodesk is now providing all these seven flavors of AutoCAD into one package called AutoCAD with specialized toolsets – what a deal.