Autodesk Access Replacing Autodesk Desktop App

Autodesk Access

On March 15, 2023, Autodesk desktop app (ADA), will be replaced with Autodesk Access, a new application for installing and updating Autodesk desktop products.
Autodesk Access gives admins:
• Access to updates and new features that don’t interfere with their workflows
• Better control over the user update experience
• Enhanced security and performance

Customers will receive an email notification. They will automatically receive Autodesk Access if they currently have the Autodesk desktop app (ADA) or if they install a product starting March 15. Additionally, they can download Autodesk Access after March 14.

Important: Once Autodesk Access is installed, any users with administrator rights will be able to install updates manually. To prevent this, we recommend customers use the following Registry key before March 15:
• Create a new key in the HKCU/Software/Autodesk/ODIS folder
o Key name: DisableManualUpdateInstall
o DWORD value: 1

Autodesk Access provides an exciting foundation for future capabilities to give customers more control and easier access to product updates.