AutoCAD AutoLisp Bonus Tools

AutoCAD became very popular because it was easily customizable. One powerful tool was the usage of AutoLisp programming language to create programs to control AutoCAD. Acad Systems have compiled a collection of AutoCAD AutoLisp Bonus Tools to help you design, manage, edit drawings and layout. It contains about 130 AutoLISPs programs inside this tool for AutoCAD 2016 and above.

Some of the tools are:

  • Sequence text numbering, block with increase tools of the attribute data number system.
    -Auto Text and Mtext. And text manipulation.
  • Auto position text to the centroid of the plot/closed boundary.
  • Auto Calculation of the Area boundary.
    -Auto finds the nearest distance inside AutoCAD and Dimension for 2 objects.
    -Simple Block and XRef editing and management tool command.
  • Flexible Hole Chart and Entity Reporting.
  • Report of layers and utilities.
    -Quickdraw utilities, hidden and unhide utilities.