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Is Acad synonymous with AutoCAD?

Is Acad synonymous with AutoCAD? AutoCAD was first released in December 1982 by Autodesk. Most CAD software ran on a mini-computer or mainframe computer then. AutoCAD was one of the few that ran on a desktop computer using Microsoft Disk Operating System or MS-DOS instead of windows.

One had to type ACAD to start AutoCAD and that is how ACAD became synonymous with AutoCAD. Back in the DOS day, to start a program, you had to type in either the batch file name or the program name and for AutoCAD, its executable file name was ACAD.

History of ACAD

AutoCAD Release 12 (1992) was the first version to run on Microsoft Windows 3.1 and since then, people only needed to click on the program icon to start AutoCAD.

AutoCAD was part of an suite of software offerings from Autodesk when it was released. As the name of the company implies, they made a suite of software to automate tasks at the desk. The one that took of was Auto Computer Aided Design or Auto CAD.

ACAD was the flagship product of Autodesk until a few years back. Today it contributes 30 to 40% of the company revenue, half of what it was. Growth in other software in the Product Design and Manufacturing industry, Building Information Management (BIM), and Visualization and Animation complements Autodesk offering in the Imagine, Design, Visualize, Make, Build, Maintain technology space.

What is Acad?

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